Category: Chronic Illness

How I Study as a Chronically Ill Student

Studying is tough. Studying while dealing with chronic illness is even tougher. Here, I’m sharing some tips which have helped me deal with some of my symptoms:

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I Can’t Let POTS Beat Me

Being diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome just over a year ago was a shock. I entered assuming I was being silly; I left with a diagnosis, a help-sheet, and so many questions. I remember frantically searching the internet for the life expectancy of someone with POTS (spoiler alert: it’s the same as, or even higher than, the typical average – depending on which articles you use). Hours were spent trawling through scientific journals and charity resources – as well as some “fake news” – to discover what caused POTS and how I could fix myself. Unfortunately, it seems I can’t.

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