My LUSH Oxford Street Haul

Recently, I visited London – which, of course, meant I had to head towards Oxford Street and go to the giant LUSH store situated there. As you enter, bath bombs swirl in a giant tub, dispersing their vivid colours through the water and heady fragrance into the air. Upbeat employees chat with customers as they move through the shop, often carrying baskets of products to be displayed. Downstairs is a serene and tranquil spa where relaxation reigns. Upstairs is busy – a crowd of bath bombs, lotions, and massage bars vying for your attention, calling out your name: but which do you pick? It’s easy to get lost and grab the first products you see but – particularly when there are so many exclusives and staples  – which are the essentials? Here, I’ve gathered the some of the contents of my most recent LUSH haul.

  • The Big Sleep jelly bomb sounds incredibly intriguing. Turning bath water to jelly seems magical and messy – which means I simply had to try it! It is very similar in scent to the highly popular Twilight scent family due to the tonka and lavender which aids sleep and relaxation. This bomb snuggles you down under a skin softening blanket of dreamy blue and green hues.
  • Golden Slumbers bath bomb is a staple product – its beautiful golden lustre catches the eye and the mingling of lavender and neroli sing you sweetly to sleep. However, the scent isn’t over processed (like a lot of high street cosmetics featuring lavender tend to be) but instead it is natural and light, like a French lavender field. Frothy golden waves glisten in the tub, but wash off surprisingly easily and avoid staining the skin.
  • Cyanide Pill bath ballistic is a beautiful blend of sharp and sweet, full of cedarwood, rosewood, almond and lemon. This glamorised poison needs no more glorification in ballistic form. Popping candy and a silver lustre threaded through the pill gives an unnervingly attractive and multi-sensory experience. This volatile choice leaves water an almost radioactive shade of yellow.
  • Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb is slightly smaller than would be expected but still packs quite a punch. Lemon myrtle, lime oil and neroli aim to brighten your mood and put a spring in your step with a slight shimmer. With all the energy of a spring day, this bath bomb will soothe and moisturise.
  • Ylang Song may look like Dragon’s Egg from below, but the playfully refreshing aroma and minimalistic decoration (at least before the bath bomb is in water) adds a more sophisticated element. The delicate scents of ylang ylang and rose dance elegantly together. This is simple – no lustre, no glitter – but effective – gently moisturising and soft. Well, simple until it culminates in the release of delicate dried flowers across the bath.
  • Double Vitality bath melt is crammed full of peppermint and lemon – an assault on the nose which is sometimes all too necessary during stuffy mornings. Two stars sandwiching buttery cream – it sounds like a fairy Oreo. Sugary pink is juxtaposed with the sharp scent. Crisp and refreshing, this bath oil is a must to wake you up with a double dose of vitality.
  • Dreamtime bath oil has had mixed reviews but, for me, it’s a win. The gorgeous purple shade and chamomile and shea butter nurture the skin and relax the mind. It’s the reformulated version of the popular bath melt so has a lot to live up to. With its intensely moisturising and deeply soothing scent, it definitely does its job. Just try not to fall asleep in the bath!
  • I am a Radiant Being bath oil is scented with rejuvenating jojoba and coconut to remind you what a star you are! It reminds me of Rose Jam. A thin layer of silver lustre adds a little glamour to the bathing experience. This bath oil is as comforting to the body as it is to the soul.
  • Orange Blossom bath oil sounds self-explanatory, but the bright orange exterior hides warmth and softness beneath. It’s the perfect product to warm up a grey summer, allowing you to imagine orange groves and being dappled with sunlight. Jojoba massages aching muscles while neroli tones the body.
  • Whoosh temple balm helps you wake up with grapefruit and rosemary – zing! Only available at LUSH spas, these temple balms are a must have, and I’m shocked that they aren’t being sold in all LUSH stores. The tiny balm certainly provides a heady dose of fragrance and jerks me out of my tired fog. It’s definitely going to be helpful on tired mornings when I just want to crawl back into bed.
  • Dream Time temple balm is for evenings when you just can’t sleep. The tried and tested blend of lavender and chamomile is not too heavy or greasy. Sending you off to sleep with a relaxing ritual, Dream Time shuts tired eyes and minds.
  • Twilight body spray was always going to be popular – it is, after all, part of the titular fragrance family. This body spray delivers a delectable unisex layer of tonka and lavender. I put this on my bedsheets to ensure that they smell relaxing. The heady and powerful mix is definitely going to be a fan favourite.

So, what are your essential LUSH products?


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  1. Presumably at least one of these soothes the aching arms you must have had from carrying the goodies?

  2. These look awesome – I love Lush!
    Kate x

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