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YouTube is a vastly underrated resource for students. Students and teachers post videos covering the specification, going through mark schemes in detail and sharing their exam technique tips and tricks. It gets better – YouTube is free and it’s easy to comment and ask questions or share your ideas. Here I’ve collected some of my personal favourite YouTubers for academics.


  • Revision With Eve is the side channel of Eve Bennett (she uploads fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos on her main channel). She creates general revision videos – such as “How to Make a Revision Timetable” – as well as subject specific ones like “How to Revise: Maths”.  In addition, she does “Study With Me” videos and talks about her techniques for revising in the holidays. Eve is hilariously relatable and also shares great advice without appearing condescending. She is a great example of a successful study-life balance and how to avoid burnout. In particular, I would recommend her “Sixth Form Advice” video – it is honest, clear and succinct.
  • Ibz Mo is a Cambridge student who defied expectations – he was predicted 3 D’s at A-Level multiple times but showed that with resilience and discipline you can succeed. He has loads of A-Level advice videos (both for organization tips and for English Literature, Psychology and Sociology) as well as content discussing life at one of the UK’s top universities – for example, “Is Cambridge Diverse?” He also has advice for personal statements and university admissions. A brilliant sense of humor and an engaging atmosphere (as well as frequent uploads) mean that Ibz is quickly gaining subscribers.
  • Studyign has the cutest graphic intros and makes videos which can improve school and home life (like “How to Improve Your Handwriting” and “25 Ways To Use Sticky Notes”). Videos are organized into sections so it’s easy to find the content you want. She also explains bullet journaling which many people use to organize their academic and home lives.


  • Christopher Thornton uploads simple and clear videos outlining key concepts for GCSE Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In the title, he claims to help you “Get That C” but – especially for talented students who may have just missed one aspect of the idea – they can enable far higher achievement. He also frequently illustrates his ideas on a whiteboard so it’s just like being in a classroom. His videos are especially useful if you’ve missed a lesson.
  • DrPhysicsA creates GCSE and A-Level standard videos as well as more niche topics like quantum mechanics. Like Thornton, they use a whiteboard and also complete and explain past paper questions. They also provide more detailed information than the syllabus which is fantastic if you want to learn more about physics or just impress your teacher!
  • Freesciencelessons has already started uploading videos for the new GCSEs which address the specification directly so you know you’re learning the correct information. His content is perfect for last minute revision as it quickly covers everything on the syllabus and gets straight to the point. The freesciencelessons website also includes great resources including flashcards (which means you can spend less time creating the resource and more time actually using it). I laminated mine to avoid too much wear and tear.
  • MyGCSEscience is a paid-for service which creates video tutorials for the new 9-1 GCSE but the first units of each GCSE are freely available on YouTube. The videos are professional quality and cover the specification entirely. If you think you might want to pay for more content, do so quickly as you have access until the end of the exam period rather than on an annual or monthly basis.
  • Science and Maths by Primrose Kitten is the most popular GCSE Science YouTube platform. Videos cover each unit of the GCSE and are incredibly useful for revision, especially when played at double speed. Recently, there has been an expansion into less specific content. Videos include “What To Do If You Fail Your A-Levels” and “UCAS Adjustment Places”. Even though this content may appear to be aimed at A-Level students, there are so many GCSE resources on this channel ready to be used. She also replies regularly to comments in order to clarify her points.


  • Corbettmaths uses maths examples to explain ideas. Videos are also divided into playlists for easy access (which also means revising for tests is simpler). Videos may appear long but they each contain multiple examples so you can often skip sections once you “get” a concept. The opportunity is also provided to pause the video and attempt questions on your own, just like in a classroom scenario. Corbettmaths also has a fantastic website with daily questions to improve mathematical ability and flashcards are available to purchase to help structure revision.
  • Maths by Mr Withers has completed all the practice tests and specimen papers for the 9-1 GCSE which is great if you can’t complete a homework question or want to check your answers. He also provides full working out (although few voiceovers) so you can find your mistakes if necessary. There are GCSE, IGCSE and A-Level videos which are all clearly organized. Mr. Withers also explains the grade boundaries of various papers, so you can work out where you are within a grade and how much you should improve.
  • Onmaths creates predicted papers (available for free on their website) which are useful when all the practice papers have been completed. The questions are relatively repetitive but a good way to demonstrate any tendencies for silly mistakes. They also show your grade as you reach each question – providing motivation to continue and go upwards. On their YouTube channel, they do walkthroughs of example tests.
  • WrightMaths has created walkthrough solutions for the 2017 mocks. This is especially useful if your teacher didn’t go through the correct answers or you are just unsure. They have also created a video explaining all the formulae you need to know for the new GCSE. The faster you memorise and understand them, the less work you will need to do in the future.


  • Mr Salles Teaches English is really useful for the new English Language examination. Rather than aiming for a level 9, he targets students who want to get full marks on each paper. His videos approach each question and interrogate the mark scheme to find out what will get 100%.
  • Mr Bruff has uploaded a plethora of videos spanning almost every set text. He also released an iconic and catchy rap, which described how to succeed in English Language Paper 1, and a charity t-shirt. His videos are engaging, incredibly informative and definitely worth a watch.


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  1. I wish I had this resource when I was studying for my exams in Scotland!!

  2. This is so cool! I love learning online, is super practical and flexible. I think the key is consistency though.

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