Month: October 2017

Kick into neutral soap and glory palette

Soap and Glory’s “Kick into Neutral” Palette Review

I’ve had Soap and Glory’s “Kick into Neutral” eyeshadow palette for a while now. You can check it out at At thirteen pounds, it’s clearly great value. Nude palettes with a similar number of shades are typically more than thirty pounds, making them a significant investment. Additionally, it has a fantastic range of shades (from “Fairy Light” to “Spookstar”) rather than just being ten light browns, although it is a tad more shimmery overall than would be ideal: a few more mattes would really round the palette off. However, on the whole, the “Kick into Neutral” palette is an good starter with potential – especially if you don’t want to create complex designs on your eyelid!

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Reflecting on My GCSE Re-Mark Experience: What You Need to Know

My GCSE Results Day was, on the whole, happy. I felt very proud of myself but something kept playing on my mind – I hadn’t achieved the grade I expected in English Literature. For me, this was a big deal. Eventually, my grade went up – but it caused a lot of unnecessary stress.

If I’d had more information, then I would have worried far less. Here are some key tips which can make the process so much smoother:

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